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Saint Vlas
In the II century it was known as the Thracian village Larisa. In the XIV century it was named after the patron of merchants and livestock, the medicine man St. Vlas. He is a saint who is worshiped by the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches, and in the Catholic Church he’s known by the name of St. Blajei.

Pláž ve Svatém VlasuIn the XIV century on these lands were build 5 monasteries: “St. Peter”, “St. Ilia”, “St. Andrei”, “St. Vlas”, where the name of the present city originates from, and the woman’s convent “St. Ana”. All of them were destroyed in the XVIII century, set on fire during the many pirates’ raids, but some remnants of them still can be found. Through the years of Ottoman rule several names of this village were used, and all of them in connection with the monasteries.

After the Liberation from Turkish slavery in 1886, the name of the village was changed to St. Vlas and is officially enlisted in the registers of the country.

kostel Sv. Blažeje

The town is famous for its new port, which has all that is necessary for the yaht fans. In the heart of the city there are many restraunts, shops and cafes with panorama view just perfect for a pleasant dinner.

náměstí ve Vlasu Noční přístaviště – Svatý Vlas